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Income Limited Housing/MFTE Program

Mural is proud to participate in the Seattle Multifamily Property Tax Expemption (MFTE) program to provide rent-restricted homes to those with limited incomes. The maximum allowable income is determined by the City, expressed as a percentage of Area Median Income (%AMI). For more information on the MFTE program please click here to visit the Seattle Office of Housing.

You may qualify for an income limited home if your household income is at or below the following limits*: 

Household size80% AMI 1-bedroom90% AMI 2-bedroom
1 Person$64,790$72,890
2 Persons$74,050$83,300
3 Persons$83,300$93,720
4 Persons$92,560$104,130
5 Persons$99,960$112,460

Contact our leasing office to learn more.

Call: (206) 935-0676

  *NOTE: AMI subject to change